Is there a way to tell if a pet is in pain?

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It is important to note that pets cannot communicate their pain in the same way that humans can, and some pets may be more stoic and hide their pain.

Changes in Behavior: A pet in pain may become more aggressive, withdrawn, or restless. They may also have difficulty sleeping or change their normal routines.

Changes in Eating Habits: A pet in pain may stop eating or lose their appetite. They may also chew or lick specific areas of their body.

Body Language: A pet in pain may adopt a guarded posture, avoiding physical contact and flinching when touched. They may also shake or shiver and appear tense or nervous.

Changes in Vocalizations: A pet in pain may vocalize more frequently, whining, growling, or crying.

Physical Symptoms: Pets in pain may show physical symptoms such as limping, panting, or difficulty standing. They may also have a decreased range of motion or swelling in affected areas.

If you suspect that your pet is in pain, it is best to seek veterinary care as soon as possible. Visit our Emergency veterinary clinic in Surrey  At Mainland Animal Clinic Surrey.

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